How to compare cable TV, IPTV and OTT TV?

The competition in living room between  Cable TV, Internet company’s network TV box, operator’s IPTV Set-top box are becoming more and more fierce.

These three parties aimed at the TV business in the people’s home and launched a fight. Although the romance of the Three Kingdoms is lively and good-looking, the experts still have to watch the doorway.

Why doesn’t IPTV get stuck watching live?

Make an analogy: broadband network is a two-way road, with more cars and different speeds. If there are more overtaking and changing lanes,
Naturally, there will be traffic jams, but at this time, the operators built an Viaduct above this road, which is specially used for IPTV. The speed on the viaduct is the same, and they drive in a regular manner, which at least ensures that the viaduct will not be blocked.

This is the reason why IPTV of operators seldom gets stuck in watching live broadcast. This involves the comparison of two technologies: IPTV of operators and Ott technology of network TV box.

n terms of other service functions based on TV business, operators should be a little better. Now, the functions used in live broadcast such as “look back, on-demand and time shift” can be achieved by both cable TV and IPTV of operators.

But the charges are different (most of IPTV operators are free). But with the passage of time and the development of business, IPTV will provide more high-quality services that can be expected by the integrated platform, and IPTV based on broadband network will also have better and more Internet applications.

A lot of users choose products, price is a key factor, so we also made a sample survey, searched some materials online, and called friends of operators from south to north to confirm.

other usage fee of IPTV = IPTV box (purchase fee) + function fee (monthly usage fee)

Our TV BOX SuperBox S1 =  TV box (purchase fee) 

One pay no month fees .

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