OTT Box vs. Traditional TV

It’s crazy how many different ways we have to watch TV these days! Between cable, satellite, and all the streaming services, it can feel overwhelming to choose. They both have their pros and cons.

I just cut the cord myself and went with an OTT box. I was spending way too much on cable each month when I only ever watched a handful of shows. Now I pay less for Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube TV combined than I did for cable alone! It’s so nice to be able to watch on my schedule instead of whenever a show happens to air.

Don’t get me wrong, cable was reliable, and I miss mindlessly flipping channels sometimes. But I don’t miss being stuck in a two-year contract either! The picture quality on streaming is also way better than it used to be.

At the end of the day, it comes down to your preferences and budget. If you value live sports and TV on a fixed schedule, cable may still be the way to go. But as a mostly-binge watcher, cutting the cord was the right choice for me. Hopefully,, looking at both options helps you decide what works best for your lifestyle too!

What is an Over The Top (OTT) TV box?

OTT boxes are so awesome—they totally changed how I watch TV! I cut the cord a couple years ago and swapped the cable for a Roku. Setting it up was a breeze, especially compared to the headaches of installing a new cable box.

Now I can watch whatever I want, whenever I want. No more being held hostage by time slots! I basically have access to every streaming service out there. Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and all the live sports through YouTube TV—it’s incredible how much content is available just by connecting my little box to WiFi.

The interface is so user-friendly, too. Finding what to watch is easier than surfing through 500 cable channels. Picture quality is also stellar since most streaming supports 4K these days.

Overall, cutting the cord with an OTT box was one of the best decisions I made. The money I save each month on my cable bill makes it so worth it. No contracts or equipment fees either!

What is traditional TV?

I know cable seems old-fashioned compared to streaming, but damn, do I miss it sometimes! Don’t get me wrong, I love being able to watch stuff whenever with my Roku. But cable was so convenient back in the day when you just wanted to chill on the couch.

Nothing beats mindlessly surfing channels until something catches your eye. No decisions are needed! You also never had to worry about buffering or your WiFi crapping out mid-show. Once you flipped it on, everything just worked smoothly.

Live sports were the best part – flipping between games without dealing with legality or quality issues. And let’s be real, channel bundles get you way more content overall for less per channel than individual subs.

While streaming is way more user-friendly and affordable long-term, there’s a simplicity to cable that I appreciated. Phoning the cable company was hell, but not having to choose what to watch next was sometimes nice too. Different strokes for different folks, you know?

Both have pros for sure. Just depends what kind of viewer you are!

Pros and cons of an OTT TV box

Man, the content selection with an OTT box is just unreal compared to cable. I feel like I can never run out of things to watch! Between Netflix, Hulu, and all the other services, there’s something for every mood. When I had cable, I always felt limited by whatever happened to be on.

Now I can binge an entire series without commercial interruptions or stick to my own schedule. No more stressing about missing my show! I’ll admit though, streaming does come with some cons. Reliable internet is a must, otherwise buffering ruins the experience. My WiFi goes out more than I’d like, sadly.

Another downside is how the monthly costs can add up once you factor in multiple subscription fees. It’s easy to go over budget without realizing. Cable sucked but it bundled everything together, you know?

At the end of the day though, the freedom of being in control of my viewing totally outweighs these cons for me. Plus with all the money I save by cutting cable, it leaves room in the budget for whatever streaming services I want. Different strokes for different folks, but OTT works best with my lifestyle personally.

Pros and cons of traditional TV

I’ll always have a soft spot for cable; it was my main form of entertainment for so long! Its reliability is seriously underrated. Sometimes, on streaming apps, the video will stutter or take forever to load. I never had that issue with just flipping channels.

Browsing options were also way more low-key fun with cable. Now it feels like I waste hours scrolling through apps trying to decide what to watch. Back in the day, I’d throw on a random movie on TBS and be content. Cable was so hot for live sports too—no blackout games or laggy streams.

But man, the scheduling could be so limiting. Having to wait days or weeks to catch up on shows sucked. I’m way too impatient these days to watch something just because it’s on. Everything else in life is on demand, so why not TV?

Then there’s the money factor: cable bills getting outrageous is what drove me to cut the cord. I spend less now, even paying for a few apps. Different lifestyles, I guess, but streaming flexibility works best for how I watch TV now. Though I do kind of miss the mindless channel surfing!

Cost comparison between an OTT TV box and traditional TV

One of the things that pushed me to cut the cord was my wallet, honestly. Cable bills just kept getting bigger, it felt like. With a Roku, all I paid was the one-time purchase price—no equipment rental fees or long-term contracts.

Now I just subscribe month-to-month to the services I actually use, like Netflix, Hulu, and sometimes HBO Max. It’s really nice to be able to drop subscriptions whenever without penalty. Compared to cable packages that force you to pay for stuff you never watch,

Of course, multiple streaming subscriptions can add up over time if you’re not careful. But I still save a ton versus spending $150+ on cable. As long as you’re selective with your services, it stays cheaper in the long run for me.

Content availability on an OTT TV box vs. traditional TV

Man, content-wise, it’s not even a competition; streaming totally blows cable out of the water. With apps, you have access to so many more movies and shows. It’s insane.

I can find anything on Netflix, Hulu, or HBO—any specific genre, time period, whatever I’m in the mood for. Cable got boring quickly with just the basic channels playing the same stuff.

I also love how much exclusive content the different services come out with. It feels like Netflix drops a new original I have to binge every other week. And don’t even get me started on how much easier it is to find obscure movies on streaming versus cable.

Plus, everything’s available whenever I want with streaming. Cable was lacking primarily in on-demand options, which is a necessity these days. Even live TV streaming is better quality than what cable offers, imo.

There is definitely no looking back when it comes to content selection once you go streaming!

User experience and convenience of an OTT TV box vs. traditional TV

Streaming boxes totally win in terms of convenience and usability, for sure. Their menus are way more user-friendly than old cable boxes. Things like voice search make finding something to watch a breeze.

I honestly think anyone under 40 would have a hard time going back to surfing through hundreds of channels. It’s such a pain! All the streaming apps are laid out logically and focus only on content I care about.

They also make it simple to watch on any device, thanks to mobile apps. No more being stuck in the living room. Don’t even get me started on cable remotes; they were always so clunky to use versus touch screens now.

Seriously, the streaming experience just flows so well compared to how outdated cable feels. Both the interfaces and the way we watch have totally evolved for the better. Once you go, Roku, there’s really no going back!

OTT TV box vs. traditional TV for sports and live events

Sports is definitely the one thing keeping me partly tied to cable, I won’t lie. Being able to flip between games and always find something on is clutch.

But streaming has come such a long way recently with sports that I’ve been able to cut way back. YouTube TV gives me all the local networks plus NBA League Pass, which has me set for basketball.

Services like Fubo are also legit for soccer fans. I even got my dad to use that for all his games now instead of his cable box. The only trouble is blackout restrictions, depending on the league.

At this point, I’m about ready to fully cut the cord and rely on streaming for sports. I might miss the mindless surfing a tiny bit, but services are making it super easy to find live games now. Location does matter some, but overall, the options keep getting better.

Between YouTube TV and a few added sports-specific subscriptions, I feel like I’ve almost replaced cable-like access with streaming. Almost there…just needing one more season to fully commit to being sports cord-cut!

How to choose between an OTT TV box and traditional TV

When it comes to choosin’ between one of them Internet TV boxes or just stickin’ with the regular ol’ tube, you’ve got to think about what matters most for watching’ TV in your own home. Here are a few things to suss out as you mull it over:

  • Content preference

When it comes to the stuff I like to watch, I’m all about having lots of options. I love having an on-demand library I can choose from at any time. But I know some folks really need certain channels or shows that really matter to them. For those pieces, regular TV might be the way to go.

  • Budget

When it comes to my TV budget, I figure out what I can really afford to spend. For streaming, it’s the cost of the streaming device plus what services I want. With cable, it’s the package price along with fees for extra stuff like sports or movie channels. You gotta do the math on what fits best for your cash.

  • Internet connectivity

Testing my internet speed is important too. Streaming needs a good, reliable connection without lag. If my WiFi acts up a lot, then cable TV might be less of a headache. The last thing I want is for my shows to constantly buffer during the best part! You have to go with what doesn’t ruin the experience.

  • User experience

When it comes to using everything, I think about what works best for me. Does the menu for streaming or cable make more sense? What about features—do I want voice control or suggested shows? Or is good old channel surfing my thing? You’ve got to pick what fits how you like to watch.

  • Sports and live events

As a big sports fan, checking coverage is key. Does streaming have all the games and sports channels? With cable, will it buffer during big plays? I also like to flick between games—can I get everything live and at once? Gotta see what works best for my viewing during March Madness or baseball season.

Thinking about all this stuff will help me pick what really fits my life and what I like to do.


Choosing between streaming boxes and cable TV really depends on what you like and need, you know? They both have their pros, for sure. With streaming, I love having any show or movie at my fingertips without commercials. But cable is more reliable and lets me just flip channels to see what’s up. When I was doing my research, I looked at what shows and sports I watch, what it would all cost each month, if my WiFi could handle streaming a lot, and other stuff like that. Taking everything into account helped me pick which one made the most sense for my viewing habits and budget. At the end of the day, you want to go with what keeps your entertainment experience top-notch.

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