TOP 20 Free Streaming Apps For 2023

Today we’re going over the top 20 free streaming apps for 2023. Now, these applications are going to be completely free and legal and can be found in the App Store. And, of course, no sign-up is required for any one of these applications.


Number 20 is going to be FilmRise. FilmRise has been around since 2018, and it’s very popular because it does have a lot of content. So, here’s the main screen, and you can see we have some of the featured movies right there. Let’s just scroll through so you can kind of get an idea of what you’re going to get. You can see we have some Nicholas Cage and Morgan Freeman—keep scrolling; they have Blitz further down. They have the feature TV, so you can see we have Hell’s Kitchen, Life on Death Roll, and FBI Files, and you can scroll all the way—we have our popular categories. So we have Western, true crime, action, British TV, and black, classic TV, horror, sci-fi, and comedy. Further down, we have discovered exciting action. So that’ll be your dedicated action area. You have your badge behind you, so mostly law enforcement, women, Young Guns, True Crime, and Western TV again. So, like I said, just a bunch of content, but further down we have the TV, so this is going to have your TV series for the most part. We have a movie section, new arrivals right there, recently added, and we also have a dedicated search area.



Number 19 is going to be FreeForm. And again, this is going to have a decent amount of content on here. Um, this is actually a segment or division of the Disney Company. So we’re going to see a lot of cartoons on here, different things for kids, and we’re going to have something for the xxx as well. You can see we have Mr. Popper’s Penguins—even though it has Jim Carrey. Um, perform the original series, throwback, back to school; some of these are going to be locked, others are going to be free, as we can see there. We also have an option for my list.

All right, so you have a popular area; you see, we have Matilda in there. We have throwbacks, current shows, unlocked shows, movies, and specials. And if you go all the way down, you’re going to have your A through Z options. So, free form doesn’t have an extensively large library, but it does have very


Urban flicks television

Number 18 is going to be Urban Flicks television. And, um, just by the name, you can kind of know what you expect. So, you’re going to have a lot of black entertainment on here, and we’re going to have a decent amount of reality shows on here. So, on the catalog, you can see we have some new releases up top. You have series, so broken C’s, you have hoax, phase. Um, in the shadows, have some stand-up comedy there.

We have top series, top movies, drama, stride—we have Becky. romance as well as comedy. I do have a search option, and, uh, you do have the option to add content to your favorite library. It is not too large, but they do have a decent amount of content that’s worth taking a look at.

Urban flicks televison


Number 17 is going to be CW, and we’ve all heard of the CW network, but a lot of people don’t know that they do have a lot of content available via the application that’s completely free, no signup required. So, nice-looking user interface up top; you can see you have home, you have your shows and movies—they do have live golf that’s also part of the CW networks.

We have decent content on here and not all old, but they do have a nice mixture that’s definitely worth checking out. You have neon CW, and I think they really did a good job with this UI. I recommend it for you. I am not sure how they came up with this list—shows from A to Z; they have crime, injustice, the latest episodes, and dramas. They have game time, which is basically going to be your sports shows, movies, and so on and so forth—movies A to Z, dab, thrillers, reality TV, unscripted, sci-fi, expiring soon. So, again, CW network does have an application out there, and all the content is here



Number 16 is going to be popcorn. And, again, uh, this has been around for a while now. Um, I remember talking about popcornflix probably five years ago, and it was always a popular free streaming app over there.

So, we’re on the main page. You do have movies, and we do have series as well. Um, scroll down on the main page, and you can see we have Legends of Action.

All right, so we’re going to have some of the action movies—John Claude Van Damme, I was going to Sylvester Stallone, you can see there. And just scrolling over, you can see there’s a ton of content on here, guys. Nicholas Cage there, Wesley Snipes, uh, further down, you want popcornflix.

All right, so decent amount of content. We have trending, we have anime, so pretty cool that they have a dedicated anime section, fandom favorites as well, creature features, midnight movies, send in the truth, so to your military area. All right, leave the parents at home. Martial arts exclusives feature family. We also have a dedicated Western area, prime time—don’t know what that means—sci-fi, comedy series, thriller instincts, and adventure hour.

Again, this application has a ton of content, and I think this is definitely worth a download. Let me know in the comment section if you have ever used popcornflix before.


Red Bull TV

Number 15 is going to be Red Bull TV. Rebel TV now has programming that focuses on live event shows, sports, music, culture, and lifestyle. So the reason I like Red Bull TV is because it focuses on some of those extreme sports that a lot of guys like to just relax and watch happen. So we have extreme biking adventures; we have motorsports; we have surfing, gaming, dance, and winter. Yeah, the main menu is going to have your live channel.

So there is a lot of cool content on here. Like I said, for me, I like sometimes just sitting back, just binging out, and just appreciating being on the couch while they take all the rest. So that’s why it’s number fifteen, Red Bull TV. Go ahead and check it out—it should be available in your app store.

Red Bull

Haystack news

Number 14 is going to be Haystack news. Now, Haystack, I’ve been using it for probably about six years now. Haystack: It’s a free, ad-supported streaming service for your local and international news, and it’s available on most of your streaming platforms.

So the reason I like this is because it really just captures your location; it catches what’s going on in your area. You can see I am in Central Florida, in the Orlando area. I do have headline news; I have local Fox 35, wftv9—we also have WESH Fox 13. But if you wanted to go internationally, you do have that as well. So you do have CNN, all right? You do have your live area, UK, Russia, weather, international entertainment. You can see that we have the Olympic reveal of the torch. We do have wildfires in Israel and Greece. So just some news that’s really available for any area that you want to look into: easy to use

Haystack news

Vuit TV

Number 13 is going to be another one of those applications that’s going to give you live, local, free content. And this is the Viewit application. Now, again, big fan of it—use it for a while. And in view of that, it is just going to have a little bit of everything that you can enjoy. So from our home location, you can see we do have some news up there; we do have nearby channels. So again, taking advantage of your local area, you have Orlando, Tampa Bay, Gainesville, and Sarasota. So you do have different areas. And within the view of the application, you can go in and set up your city, set up what interests you, and that way it can be tailored to your needs. You do have a live area, guys; it’s going to jump right into whatever you want to watch, alright? So you have the option for all channels, but you can go to your local channels, all right? And local, we can see a bunch of the news channels there—a really well-put-together application, in my opinion. You do have a TV show.



Number 12 is going to be the movie “Arc.” So, “Arc” is a fairly new movie on the scene. First, you’ll need to accept the terms and conditions. But once you get into the application, guys, they’ve done a really nice job. The app looks modern and well put together. If you’re someone who’s looking for free content, this is a nice application to check out.

So, let me tell you what you’re going to have. You have your movie area, midnight screams, and TV show categories. If you find categories, let’s see what’s available. Alright, we have trends in action, comedy, thrillers, and horror. They also have new categories like war, supernatural, movies about weddings, and so much more. There’s just a ton of content available, as you can see. They also have documentaries and live TV, as well as new content.

“Arc” is an application that I’m going to do a full overview of. Like I said, it’s a new upcoming app, but there’s just a ton of content to explore.


just watch

Number 11 is going to be just watch. And just watch, it has been around for a while—definitely an application that you want to add to your arsenal. So how does just watching work for anyone who doesn’t know? Just Watch basically has all the movies, all the TV shows—everything built into one user interface. This includes newer releases of movies and TV shows as well. Once you’re in the application, you can go to whatever you want to watch, and it can be one of the newest movies. Let’s try out Avatar. Go ahead and search.

All right, so there we go. All right, so you can see we have the newest Avatar there, but what’s cool about this is, uh, it doesn’t let you watch the content here. However, it does redirect you to a place where you can watch it. So consider this: compiling all the movies and TV shows they can think of into one library, and then when you want to watch it, it’ll take you to whatever application you want to watch it. So as you can see, this is available for HBO Max. So Ava is gone.


Fossum TV

Number 10 is going to be Fossum TV. Now Fossum is going to have over 10,000 movies and TV shows in 25 different genres. This includes horror, family, and over 253 channels. And of course, no subscription is required for this. I am on my fire stick right now, but like I said, if you search in the Google Play Store, you should be able to find this as well. Uh, this application is very simple and easy to navigate. As you can see on the left, you have your home, your TV shows, and recently added collections. So that’s where you’re going to see a different genre, so you got your horror, your thriller. They can also browse by your actor, your actresses, and your audience. And if you scroll down even more, you can go by alphabetical order, or if you want to go by year, sci-fi is below that. So with just a lot of different categories to choose from, like I said, this is definitely a must-have in my opinion, especially via core cutter. This is one to add to the list.



Number 9 on the list is Crackle, which was formerly known as Sony Crackle or Grouper. This app has been around for a while and offers a vast amount of content, thanks to Sony’s involvement. You’ll find a wide range of quality content on the platform. Just take a look at the spotlight section, where you’ll find shows like “Everyone Hates Chris,” “Atlantis,” and “Benson.” Scroll down further, and you’ll discover popular TV shows such as “Dr. Ken” and “Tour of Duty,” as well as categories like action movies, British programs, comfort TV classics, and even a section dedicated to Nicholas Cage called “Cage Against the Machine.” There’s something for everyone, including westerns, swamp monsters, black entertainment, mystery dramas, thrillers, mafia mixes, and summer blockbusters. If you’re looking for a great selection of movies and TV shows, Crackle is an excellent application to have. It’s worth noting that this app is powered and driven by Sony, ensuring a high-quality content experience.



Number 7 on the list is Sling. You might think of Sling as a paid service, and that’s correct. However, Sling also has a free section called Sling Free Stream, which was introduced a few months ago. This section offers ad-supported content, similar to what we have seen in previous applications. If you launch the app, you can access the free section. The free section is also available on web browsers, but if you’re using a streaming device, you can launch it directly from the app. By clicking on the free section, it will take you to the Sling user interface. There is a wide range of content available here, folks. You’ll find plenty of live television programs. Firstly, you can see what’s trending, and you can also explore recommended content. If you enter the guide section, you’ll find a visually appealing user interface similar to cable television, featuring live channels. The TV guide is well-designed, allowing you to scroll ahead to the time slots that interest you. I want to emphasize again that I think this app runs very well. While you won’t have access to premium channels like ESPN or TNT, you’ll find some Comedy Central programs, news channels, and popular channels like FailArmy and AFTV. So, overall, I believe this is a nice addition. This app may not fulfill all your entertainment needs, but it’s a good option to have in your collection. If you are a cord cutter, I suggest downloading Sling, exploring the free section, and letting me know your thoughts.



Number 6 on the list is a recent addition called Freebie, owned by Amazon. It doesn’t require any signups and has an Amazon-like appearance. At the top, you’ll find various categories. You can explore popular channels, Amazon Originals, popular movies, recently added content, music, documentaries, comedy, TV shows, animated content, and new releases. There’s a wide range of content available for selection. You also have the option to add content to your list. The user interface is well-designed and reminiscent of Prime Video, which is not surprising since Freebie is owned by Amazon. That’s why Freebie ranks at number six.



Number five on the list is Plex. When people mention Plex, they often associate it with the ability to add and organize personal media libraries, including movies, TV shows, photos, music, and home videos. However, Plex has evolved to offer much more than that. It now includes a wide range of on-demand shows, movies, and even live TV.

If you haven’t recently tried Plex, I highly recommend doing so. You don’t even need to set up an account to browse the free content. You can explore the live TV section as well as the video on-demand section, where you’ll find a lot to choose from. It’s worth noting that the free television offerings on Plex are ad-supported, which has become a popular model for free content in recent years. While the content is free, you may need to occasionally watch ads.

Plex has expanded its content offerings and become a platform where you can access a variety of free content. So, give Plex a try and see what it has to offer.



Number 4 on the list is ZumoTV. ZumoTV is a well-designed application with clear menus and a diverse range of content. It features a sleek user interface and dedicated sections where you can browse through various types of content, such as video on demand, live TV, movies, TV shows, and more. ZumoTV continuously adds new features and content, making it worth trying out and installing on your device.



Number 3 is Tubi. Tubi has been around for a while and is owned by Fox, making it a legitimate service. Like the others on this list, Tubi offers ad-supported television, providing loads of content including live TV, movies, TV shows, and even some live sports. With a user-friendly interface and a wide range of Fox content, Tubi has become one of the go-to applications for many users. It’s free to install, requires no sign-up, and offers cable TV-style menus and guides.


Pluto TV

Taking the second spot is Pluto TV, which is arguably the most popular free streaming app available. Millions of people use and enjoy Pluto TV regularly. The app offers a wide range of free movies, TV shows, video on demand, live sports, 24-hour channels, and hundreds of channels to choose from. Pluto TV has been around for a long time and is now owned by Paramount+. It follows the trend of free, ad-supported television but provides a vast amount of content. If you’re a cord-cutter, Pluto TV is a must-have application.


Roku Channel

According to the list creator, the number one spot goes to the Roku channel. Contrary to its name, the Roku Channel is not limited to Roku devices and can be downloaded on other streaming devices like the Fire TV stick. The Roku Channel is praised for having one of the largest libraries of free content available on any streaming device. It offers a vast selection of movies, TV shows, video on demand, live sports, and 24-hour channels. The Roku Channel is highly recommended, and users who don’t own a Roku device can still enjoy it by downloading it on their Fire TV stick or similar devices.


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