What are the advantages and disadvantages of cable TV or iptv?

The advantages and disadvantages of cable TV and IPTV still depend on their differences: IPTV is a new media business operated by operators and broadcasting and control platforms, while cable TV is a digital TV service operated independently by cable companies or broadcasting and television sides. IPTV provides users with telephone, broadband and TV services through a single optical fiber, while HD interactive digital TV provides TV services through wired mode. Apart from live channels, IPTV also provides rich interactive information services such as on-demand, content review, thematic, application, community, life and so on. Cable TV still focuses on traditional radio and television services. There are some interactive services, but few. Speaking differently, we can know their advantages and disadvantages. IPTV’s more convenient function is time-shift, look-back and on-demand. Now most of the areas are 2 hours time-shift. Watching programs can be suspended or moved to the places that were missed before. Some provinces can

watch the channel for 3 days, some areas can watch it for 7 days, and all the TV broadcasted in 7 days can be found. This function is my level. The most frequently used. Watch the variety show on Friday at home on weekends. My mom watched the TV series that she had not seen before. She could also quickly jump in the advertisements. That’s good. Previously, I was worried about the speed of TV trawling. Later, the salesman told me that TV and broadband take two separate routes. For example, Beijing IPTV has 50M bandwidth. TV private network does not occupy the speed of the network. On-demand HD movies and 4K ultra-clear channel do not have Carton waiting buffer. Beijing Unicom’s IPTV is now free when broadband is installed at home. Gehua cable is 18 yuan a month. However, Gehua has more channels, such as some radio frequencies, which are not available on IPTV, but I have seen the radio frequencies from other stations, and I don’t need them at ordinary times. In fact, good and bad looking individuals, my home is cable TV and IPTV have. If you only watch a live channel, use the remote control only to add or subtract stations. There is little difference between IPTV and cable TV. If you use VOD to watch back or pursue video quality and experience effect, IPTV has more advantages.

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