What is bluetv&blueVod; on superbox s1 pro

About SuperBox

With the development of the network, IPTV began to be popularized into thousands of households.
However, the services provided by operators are very expensive and the programs are limited.
Operators always charge users in various ways, which creates a great financial burden on everyone.
In this case, the superbox was born.
From hutv, superboxs1, to superbox S1 pro, each product helps users save thousands of costs every year
And won praise and support from millions of users,
As an upgrade product of superbox S1, superbox s1pro has more advanced hardware configuration and supports more sets.
Parameters of s1pro:
√ Android 7.0 Nougat OS
√ Quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 Processor
√ 2GB DDR3 Memory
√ 16GB eMMC Internal Storage
√ 2.4G/5G Dual Band WiFi
√ Support 6K@60fps

About BlueTV BlueVOD

As the core application of superbox, bluetv and bluevod are supported by thousands of servers
All over the United States, Canada, and in Europe, Mexico, there are powerful backup rooms, thus ensuring the superbox’s
The service never goes down, and provides users with smooth and high-definition programs, movies and TV series.
Bluetv is a live app, which is mainly responsible for providing users with real-time TV programs, including news, real-time games, and the latest TV series.includingNBA,NHL,PPV…………
Bluevod is a video on demand application, which contains more than 10000 latest movies and TV series, and is synchronized with the cinema. When there are the latest movies in the cinema, they will be released
Bluevod is always the first time to provide free viewing services. Bluevod offers adults(need setting the parental control password), action, animation, education, children
All kinds of film and television resources provide perfect services for everyone’s recreation and learning.
To sum up, as the best Android TV box in 2020, superbox has provided warm services for thousands of families, and has successfully surpassed firestick, roku, Hulu, Netflix, youtube, sling, etc. to become the most reliable choice in users’ hearts

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