What is IPTV?

Internet Protocol television (IPTV) is an interactive network television technology, which is a new technology that uses broadband network,
integrates Internet, multimedia, communication and other technologies,
and provides a variety of interactive services including digital TV for home users.
It can well adapt to the rapid development trend of today’s network, and make full and effective use of network resources.

The Best iptv service of USA

Hulu is a video website jointly invested by NBC global, News Corporation and Disney. Hulu’s goal is to help users find and enjoy professional
media content in any time, place and way. Its content includes TV series, films and clips, mainly from more than 200 content providers,
including fox, NBC, Disney, ABC, Warner Bros., MGM, Lions Gate, Sony, etc
Hulu is a live TV service launched. In addition to the basic Hulu video on demand, 60 + live or on-demand TV channels have been added,
including mainstream ABC, CBS, fox, NBC and other channels, as well as a & E, CNN, Disney, ESPN, TNT and other cable channels,
as well as cloud storage for DVR program recording in 50 hours. It’s a good choice for kids who want to move traditional TV channels to mobile tablets.
Hulu + Live TV fees:$54.99/month
New users can try it for 1 week free

sling tv

Sling TV is another network TV live channel launched by dish, a traditional satellite TV, with three package options of orange,
blue and orange & blue. Orange package includes 30 + TV channels such as ESPN, Disney Channel, AMC and CNN, but can only be connected in one line;
blue package includes 40 + channels such as NBC and fox (excluding ESPN and Disney), but can be connected in three lines; kids can also choose orange + blue package to get simultaneous four line connection.
All packages include 10 hours of free cloud storage DRV video.
Although sling TV doesn’t have some basic local channels, you can buy another cheap antenna receiver to watch the local channel for free.
Sling TV package options:
Sling Orange $25/month
Sling Blue $25/month
Orange & Blue $40/month


HUTV, includes 1000 + TV channel choices such as ABC, CBS, fox, NBC, ESPN, HGTV, TNT, PBS, HBO,startz,Showtime ,etc. And more than 10000+lastest movies.
Hutv has almost all the USA ,Canada Channels.Latino Channels.Arabic Channels.Phillipian Channes.
Hutv not support cloud storage DRV Video.
Hutv Fees:15$/month.
New users can try it for 1 week free

 The Best IPTV Boxes in 2020

Roku Android tv box

Roku ultra 4K Android tv box supports 4K high-definition picture quality and HDR color. It has Ethernet interface, USB interface and micro SD card slot.
JBL headset attached to advanced remote control can be used to track a play quietly by one person. Now it’s on sale. New users can get a 60% discount
for the first two months by subscribing to sling TV through roku.
roku ultra 4K set-top box fees : $99++ subscription fees.


It may be more convenient for kids who have Amazon Prime members
to choose Amazon fire TV set-top box. The fire TV stick supports 4K Ultra HD
picture quality and dual frequency Wi Fi, and most mainstream video broadcasting services.
firestick fees:$49.99+ subscription fees

Superbox s1pro Android TV Box

SuperBox S1 pro supports 6K high-definition picture quality and HDR color It has Ethernet interface,Dual band Wifi, USB interface and micro SD card slot.
There are 1000+ live tv channels and 10000+ movies ,tv Shows XXX movies are come with the box and free for lifetime. no monthly fees,no need subsciption.
superbox s1 pro fees:$299

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